Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Putih Hitam Coklat Gemuk Kurus

Self reminder :-
No matter how big and badass you are..
You shall not carry yourself to grave.
No matter how tall you are..
You can't never see tommorrow..
So... be humble..
Low your tone..

It's ok to be ugly..
(But I don't want to... hahahaha).
Being ugly actually is a blessing..
Because... when you're ugly... and  people still willing to talk to you..  to be friend with you..
it's literally  for your personality..
not your looks..
And you should be so blessed.
So... stay blessed!.

It's ok to be less than perferct..
At the end of the day..

Why?.   Scarry right?.
So... in conclusion... doesn't matter if you were fat or skinny... or white or black. What does matter in this world  is the size of our heart and the strenghten of our character.  

Which category should I put myself under?. 🤔.
Pre-billionaire la kot?.  😄
(Law of attraction is always working.. guys).
Haha...k.. bye.

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