Saturday, March 2, 2019

Resepi Sup Tepung Terdesak

Assalamualaikum.. mates...

How're you going?.   I am good.    I haven't got a time yet to top up our grocerries, so I just cooked some leftovers ingredients in my cabinets.   So here we go...

I know... it might "round around the edge" but at least you don't have to eat instant noodles or call "uber eat" before going to the grocerries market nearby.

Actually I discovered this recipe from here .   But.. made a bit changes to meet my "kids's desire and standard".  Hua hua..  "It's not a rocket science" tho.  Can be done by only a blink of eyes.  Cehhh...

As what you can see in the above photo, there are some "entity" like a fish balls.. but don't easily get deceived by only seeing the photo ladies, it is not a real fish ball, it just a dupe one (tepung gandum gentel2 rebus).. haha.  The recipe is in the link above.  (Pssttt don't tell my kids ok... they just had them with a full appetite without any doubt... most probably because I added a bit chicken stock in it).

Ok  happy weekend everyone.

p/s  :   top up grocerries is fun.. but arranging them in the cabinets is other thing to do... ahh I hate it but sometimes we just need to "grin and bear it".


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