Sunday, June 16, 2024

Risiko isteri cantik

Assalamualaikum guysss.

Someone has expressed their concerns about dealing with a lazy in-law who refuses to help with cooking during Eid preparation.
Haha.. I know it can be challenging, especially if you are the only one taking on this responsibility. I am not perfect to give you ideas, but I would love to suggest some solutions to address this issue constructively. Even though it is easier said than done, there's no harm in trying, right?.  Solve the problems in a classy way. You're going to look classy this Eid!!. Udah ler pandai masak classy pula tewww!.  Otherwise, keep calm and think about the hereafter (consider it a test to gain rewards).

Open Communication

Sometimes people are willing to help (although she is beautiful, she will help you 😁) but they need clear directions on what to do. So, express your needs. Clearly state that you need their help with specific tasks.  
Knock her door. Approach them calmly and explain how overwhelming it is to handle all the preparations alone. 
Delegate Tasks:
Break down the preparations into smaller tasks and assign specific responsibilities to each family member. This can make the workload seem more manageable.
Establish a timeline for when each task should be completed. This can help ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them and when.

Pix sekadar hiasan, ada ke org raya bermenukan ikan?.

Encourage everyone to share their thoughts and suggestions (through WhatsApp, etc.). This can foster a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility. Ensure that the conversation remains positive and solution-focused. Avoid blaming or criticising, which can create tension and resistance and end with anger.
Hire Assistance
If the situation does not improve, consider hiring help for the cooking and preparations. This can alleviate the pressure on you and ensure that the work gets done.
Manage Expectation
Consider simplifying the Eid menu to make the cooking process more manageable. Focus on a few key dishes rather than an extensive spread.
Determine which tasks are most important and focus on them. It's okay if not everything is perfect; the goal is to celebrate together, right?.
Bear in mind that not everyone has the same interests (like cooking); they might prefer decorating the house. So, how about if you just ask them to hang the curtains or wash the clothes?

By addressing the issue with empathy and clear communication, you can work towards a more cooperative and supportive environment, making the Eid preparations a shared and enjoyable experience for everyone. Masya Allah tabarakallah.




  1. Fuh nasib baik saya tak cantik. Haha!

  2. Cantik atau tak cantik yang penting kena pandai masak juga kan .. kalau cantik tapi malas nak ke dapur .emmm tak tahu lah .. A'ah jarang bertemakan ikan .. ikan ni tenggelam jap 3 4 hari gitu . Bagi laluan kepada daging pula .hehe

    1. CCL - Tajuk tu saja bikin gempak!. 😁😂.

      Ada sstgh org, bila ramai2 dia jd inferiority complex. In fact, mereka pandai je kot agaknya masak bila sensorg.

  3. Cantik tu subjective kan kak...hehehe...SA x cantik...harap cantik ke lain...harap cantik Iman dan dalaman...amin...SA la tu tema ikan [pun ada..sebab ada yang x makan daging dan ayam kat rumah SA...

    1. SA - U are beautiful Sis dan ada personaliti. Biasa Secretary memang cantik2. 😁😍. Masya Allah tabarakallah.

  4. Setujuuuu sangat. Biasanya menantu atau siapapun yg tak nak bantu di dapur sebenarnya bukan Krn tak mau. Tapi dia tak tahu nak lakukan apa. Takut2 malah makin merepotkan nantinya Krn salah lakukan 😄.

    Dulu pun saat kecil, mama selalu mengumpulkan kami semua utk bantu mama prepare menu raya. Semua orang diksh tugas, detil sangat. JD masing2 tahu harus buat apa.

    1. Fanny - Menarik ayat tu "takut2 malah makin merepotkan". 😂😂.

      Oh I love yr mum's style. Semua pasti jadi pada happy dan tidak rasa guilty.


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