Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Pray For Australia


Pray for heavy shower in Australia to put the fires out.
My heart is breaking every single day seeing animals being burned alive.  It  is hard to see this all..  sobssssss.   Animal can't speak their pain.   

Oh Allah please end all this battles. 

Actually this catastrophic happens every year in Australia during summer, just not always on this scale, it’s only now that rest of the world is noticing. We have a very long history of horrendous fires - as well as floods which often follow - and it’s always the East Coast that are the worst affected.

Many are started by people just being irresponsible eg those who doing their own backburning without permits or fire crew on standby, people using power tools near dead foliage, cigarette butts, fallen power lines... just to name a few.

There are fires lit by dry lightning from heat induced storms and plenty of dead foliage in bush for it to ignite but this is something that has always happened here in Aussie. I don’t think a lot of people understand what our weather conditions are really like. We have very different weather patterns throughout country with some areas being extremely hot and dry most of the year while other areas have reasonably mild weather and others get 4 seasons in a day.  In Summer, temperatures in the high 30s or even above 40 degrees.

Suggestion :

Plant native flax around perimeter of a property. 


  1. waalaikumussalam. sedih sangat tengok gambar2 keadaan di sana T_T

  2. mengikuti juga sikit perkembangan disana. sedihhh hatiku dala kite suka Australia. smoga semua pulih dengan segera.

    pity the animals T.T


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