Monday, August 6, 2018

It all starts with you

Innalillahiwainnaliayhirojiuun.   Sorry guys if you can't reached me at the moment.  My phone is "not feeling well" now after accidentally washed and soaked in the washing machine.   Tak Tun Tuang!! Tak Tun Tuang!.  Dia belum mandi!.   "She" wanted to take a shower in there.  Let it be!. Yes I know, some of my friends suggested me to stuff it in a dry rice bag to absorb moisture or water in it.. but seem like it still not working till now.   

Ahhhhh it just a phone Mom!!.  (My son told me).  Yess..  it just a phone Son.  I agree.   Let's be a blogger council again to motivate people out there especially for a broken hearted lady who wanted to be named as T.   She told me verbally, it is very hard to find a right man nowadays.   Really??.  Ish ish ishhhhhhhhhhh.  

Wait.. wait.   I know breakups are the worst especially if that person leaves you for someone else.   But don't call yourself a failure just because you 've been through a lot of failed relationships.

Not all men/women are the same.  There are many couples out there who celebrated their 20, 30 and even 90 anniversary besides with a happy life.

Maybe you haven't met the right person yet.....but don't worry because even how many times you failed the most important is how many times you stand after the storm.

Yes, you can't simply calm the storm,  what you can do is calm yourself, then the storm will pass.  Now what you can do is loving yourself which means being confident in your own face, your hair, your  skin, being a person full of gratitude..and that will attract the right kind of people to you.  Inshaallah.  When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling beter, you start looking better and you even start to attract better.

p/s    ;    Why wait for a man to give you a flower when you can give yourself a dozen??.

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