Monday, March 1, 2010


To my marvelous follower : after reading your whole discussion between you and your teamwork in your blog regarding above matter... here is my opinion about the advantage of an on line business :-

Below are the advantages that we can gain from starting an Online Business compare to Offline Business :


When we talk about 'Start A New Business', first thing comes into our mind is - How Much Money that we need to start a new business?'

Unlike offline business, just with a single Personal Computer(PC) or laptop and an internet server, you already can start your own online business. To start a business, of course you need to do advertising for your products or services. How much cost you need to do advertising on TV and media. Or you have to send out thousands of brochures to promote your business. But internet is providing you the convenient in this case. Think about this, how much cost you need to bear for sending out thousands of email to your customers?


How many time you need to spend to spread out the brochures from house to house and people by people. By using internet, you can send out a big swarm of email just within a few second. You no need to travel from your house to your working place anymore. With a single laptop, you can start your business very relax just in your comfortable house. That means you can now free from traffic jam.


Your laptop and software are your very friendly employees now. They won't complain you about low salary, long working hours, request for extra welfare and so on.


After your website is hosting up to the internet server, it will start working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Now you see, you no need to go outside to meet your customers one by one and most of the time will rejected by them. On the other word, you are able to meet thousands of your customers in the same time. And this rarely will happen in offline business. People from all around the world are able to visit to your website for 24 hours everyday no matter you are aware or you are sleeping on your comfortable bed.


You Can Work At Any Place And Any Time By bringing along your personal laptop, you can work at anyway you like. At your own home, garden, restaurant, cafe. At the same time, you can save your money from renting a high cost office and purchasing the furnitures for your office. Of course you can make your own decision at what time you want to start your work. Day or night.

In conclusion, online business can brings you the advantages that offline business never provides. And surely you can bring down the risk to start a business to the minimal level. After saving your money, time and effort, what will you do with it? For me, I will using all this for my family members and my loves one. Wanna try our ONLINE BUSINESS - just CLICK HERE FOR FREE REGISTRATION.
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