Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cerpen Ain

Assalamualaikum and evening!!

Kita ada penulis jemputan hari ni.  Mama ni sebenarnya tengah busy, tetiba ada budak ni sibuk suruh Mama baca karangan dia pulak.  Last2 Mama tepek je terus kat sini.  Kebetulan kita pun baru cerita pasal "simptom2 rumah bakal dirompak" dlm entry yg lepas kan?.   Sesuai la tu dgn penulisan si Ain ni.  

Roslan??.  Tah siapa Roslan yg dicari...  kami tak mengenalinya. 

My budaq bawakan balik nasi arab dari sekolah untuk mamanya


Every Friday when I was a kid, muslim men would all be in the mosque for Friday prayer so none could be at home with the women. It was on Friday at Dhuhr, I was at home sitting in front of the main door to get good lighting as I was doing my homework.  I was in Kindy at that time. The wooden door was widely open but we left the grill door closed. My mom was in the kitchen making lunch and my aunt (mom’s sister) was praying inside my room when these two Indian guys on a motorbike stopped in front of our house. One of them was tall and slender, the other guy was short and more masculine. 

"Roslan ada??!".

The tall and slender man asked, which means “Is Roslan here?”. At first I thought it was just casual but he started to unlatch our gate open so casually and walked towards me. I was still 5 years old right?.  I didn’t know what to do. My thoughts just got jumble up and I suddenly thought about all the possibilities that could happen. I didn’t want to die.  I was worrying that the other man would break in from the window in my mom’s bedroom where my little sister was sleeping. She was only 2-3 months old and I really loved her because I had always want a friend for myself so I WAS GONNA SHIT MYSELF alright?. 

I screamed for my mom but my aunt came out first in her prayer scarf (telekung). My aunt stepped outside in front of me to protect me then soon after mom ran from the kitchen with a knife in her hand (very convenient of her to be cooking in the kitchen at that time). So mom just ruuuushed towards the door with a knife in her hand like a maniac, she just started to screaaaaam her throat out telling them to back off. 

The tall and slender man didn’t feel any frightened at first, kept trying to get into our house. Mom just kept pushing the door again and again while the man’s fingers were still grasping our door frame so when mom pushed the door close, it almost broke his fingers. He finally gave up and took his fingers off from the door so mom just quickly took the chance to close and lock it. We could hear the two men took off because I could hear their motorbike just went “VROOOOOOOOOM” in rush. That moment mom opened the door just to shout at them “PERGI MAM***!!. JANGAN BERANI DATANG LAGI!”. In English pretty much means, “GET LOST DONT YOU DARE COME AGAIN!”. In my language pretty much means “GO F***YOURSELF!”. Mom is a hero.

by :   Ain 

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